Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Talkin' Tuk-Tuks

New York has the taxi.

London has the black “cab.”

The Venetians have their gondolas.

In Amsterdam, find yourself a bicycle.

Need to get around India? Take a rickshaw.

And when you come to Thailand, you have many options, but none are as fun as the tuk-tuk.

What the Tuk?

Welcome to Thailand, and the first entry of the Tuk-Tuk Talker.

I’m an American who was living a fairly normal American life then accidentally ended up in Sweden for a couple years, then even more accidentally ended up in Thailand for at least a few months – maybe longer. Stick around and find out.

When you’re following your heart and attempting to live life by watching for signs in the road that say “This way, please,” trusting that “this way” is indeed a good direction is the only obstacle between you and great adventures that are better than anything you could have imagined for yourself. And the people you meet along the way make for an extra special part of the journey.

This blog seeks to chronicle this “sign-trusting” adventure, share about those people along the way and otherwise provide some helpful commentary to travel, culture and other elements that make life more meaningful. And if the Tuk-Tuk Talker is simply a good procrastination tool for you once-per-week, then it’s all worth it for me. Thanks for browsing to the Tuk-Tuk Talker.

I love the U.S.A.

I will always remember fondly my Swedish sojourn and my Swedish friends.

But now I’m in Thailand. And looking forward to sharing the experience.

For an appropriate beginning there are two introductions that need to be made:

Located in the heart of South East Asia with neighbors Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia in the south, Thailand is usually the first stop on any South East Asian excursion. With Bangkok as its capital and Chiang Mai as a beloved northern city, Thailand’s 60 million people are as warm as the climate and make for a country that draws millions of tourists every year. Hospitality of people, natural beauty from coastline to jungles to mountains, rich and colorful culture and food that is world renowned make Thailand a great place to visit and a greater place to live.

However, these are not the reasons I am in Thailand.

I met Paige this summer and just a few short months later, I am living in Thailand. This quintessential Southern California girl followed the signs in the road which surprisingly pointed to Thailand and now she has lived and worked in Bangkok and the surrounding region for over two years giving of herself in admirable ways to a community of people that have embraced her. It’s a privilege to be here and complement her in any way I can. You will undoubtedly get to know Paige if you continue talkin’ tuk-tuks with me.

Thanks for checking out the Tuk-Tuk Talker.

See you next week from Thailand.


Tim and Rachel Oberg said...

Yay! I'm glad you're there with Paige. She's the best, isn't she?!

heather said...

i knew it would not-- could not-- be long until you restarted your blogging ways. it's a part of you now. this is an excellent development. i'll be checkin in... =)


sWuave24 said...

Isn't Burma actually Myanmar? I seem to recall a certain episode of Seinfeld involving J Peterman on this very subject....


todd.whiting said...

Where's the shout out for the blog name? You think becuase you added a hyphen you can call it your own?Fine, I'll let everyone think you came up with the name...consider it your Xmas gift!

Katie said...

Todd, fear not, I was going to shout out your blog naming skillz!
(However, I was a big fan of

Sean, each entry brings a huge smile to my face! I am so glad to see you making the most of your continued adventures! More Paige facts! (P.F.A.Qs perhaps???)

Charles said...

What an adventure!
Glad to see the updates continue despite the big move =)

Ang said...

Glad to see you are still feeding our need for procrastination. Looking forward to the Tuk-Tuk adventure.