Monday, January 5, 2009

A Dark Side of Southeast Asia

Beyond the beaches, elephants, food, hospitality and tuk-tuks, there exists a sad reality in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia.

One more consequence to the inexplicable lack of governmental leadership in this part of the world is the rampant human trafficking, usually women and children for sex, that thrives within the corruption-laden authorities and law enforcement entities from India to Vietnam. Worse, as any brief internet search indicates, human trafficking is not isolated to this region, but is a problem worldwide, including even North America and Europe.

An article recently written by a syndicated columnist in the U.S. is the latest attempt to shed light on a problem that hides in the dark corners of ignored parts of the world:

Please read to increase your own awareness of "modern day slavery" and if you are so moved, here is one of many resources to help stop human trafficking:

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